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  • Less Thick = Lighter Weight

    Create the look your client requires without adding significant structural load. Our exclusive AAP use the same real wood...without the weight.

  • Less Thick = Lower Cost

    Accent walls commonly use flooring materials, but why? Get the look and feel of real wood, with more sq/ft per than standard flooring.

  • Less Thick = Faster Install

    Because our products are so much lighter, installers can work by themselves or in teams to cover more area before needing to take a break.


What Kind of Products Does Ranger Provide?

Ranger Hardwood can supply all types of flooring, including solid hardwood or engineered flooring in long length, wide width planks.

We also supply Accent Advantage products that are as thin as 4mil for walls and ceilings. Looking for reclaimed barn wood or railroad ties? We've got that covered too!

How Can I Get a Quote?

Easy! Fill out the form below with details about your project and our sales team will be in touch ASAP. You can also checkout with products you'd like quoted.

What area do you service?

Ranger currently serves the Northeastern US, but we are looking at ways to expand into other areas. Feel free to contact us if you're outside our service area and we'll do our best to assist.

What is your turnaround time?

We strive to ship in-stock products within 24 hours and custom orders ASAP

What can we make for your project? Fill out the form below or call 631-791-3055.

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